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Miley, Selena, Ariana Grande 'sleigh' The Crowd At Z100 Jingle Ball

Selena Gomez performs at Jingle Ball 2013 in New York City on December 13, 2013 From the dance breaks to how Gomez worked the crowd, the singer/actress brought her A-game. She opened and closed with her two biggest hits of the year, "Slow Down" and "Come and Get It," respectively, and sprinkled in crowd faves like "Love You Like a Love Song" and a song off her album Stars Dance called "B.E.A.T." Stars Bow Down To Beyonce On Jingle Ball Red Carpet You Can't Hold Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Down The hip-hop duo showed why they deserve their seven Grammy nominations on Friday night. To ear-splitting screams and sometimes-overpowering singing from the crowd, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis hit the stage with "Thrift Shop." An emotionally raw performance of "Same Love" was made even more powerful with the vocal help of Tegan & Sara before the duo made us Farrah Abraham news all wish we owned a Cadillac with "White Walls." They ended their set with Macklemore wading into the crowd while performing "Can't Hold Us." Ariana Grande Spits A Few Bars! We already told you that pop princesses ruled the night, but if you didn't believe it after we mentioned Miley and Selena, there was also Ariana Grande . Introduced by "Cups" singer/actress Anna Kendrick, the powerhouse 20-year-old came out to "Right Here" before singing one of her latest holiday hits, "Last Christmas." It goes without saying but Grande's vocals were on-point at Jingle Ball ... so much so that we often found ourselves shaking our heads in disbelief. Grande gave an acoustic performance of "Honeymoon Avenue," off her Yours Truly album, and closed her set with her biggest hit, read more... "The Way." Can we just say that Ariana sing-rapping parts of Mac Miller's verses completely made our lives?
Full story: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1719101/jingle-ball-2013-selena-gomez-miley-cyrus-ariana-grande-perform.jhtml

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